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Open source software used to automate the software tests performed on web browsers, Selenium enables an engineer to speedily and efficiently test web applications for possible errors. As it is an open-source tool, hence, no licensing is required, which means you do not have to spare any penny from your pocket for Selenium licensing.

What do you understand by automated testing? Is it better than manual testing?

Test automation is the utilization of specific software to analyze the execution of tests as well as to evaluate the actual outcomes with projected outcomes. Everything is controlled mechanically with no manual intervention needed from the tester. Yes, it is way better than manual testing. It is much quicker and efficient. Selenium testing services are certainly in high demand.

How is Selenium better than QTP?

- Selenium supports a host of programming languages unlike QTP, is powered by the VB scripting environment.
- Selenium enable the engineer to write one script from varied browsers 
- An Object repository is present in HP UFT. However, Selenium allows you to develop a personal object repository. It also enables the tester to use the Page Object Model design pattern.
- One of the biggest reasons why Selenium is better than QTP is because it is a free tool, whereas, QTP requires paid licensing

How is Selenium better than Watir?

- Selenium offers better support as there is an extensive knowledge community, hence, it is easier to get resolutions for issues.
- Selenium is a more common testing tool than Watir. 
- Selenium is more easy to use than Watir
- Selenium supports multiple languages an browsers 

How is Selenium better than CodedUI?

- Tester has to generate a host of codes for even simple tests, unlike Selenium 
- It doesn’t offer any support for Chrome, Safari or Opera
- Selenium is much more intuitive than CodedUI 
- Selenium is a lot faster than CodedUI, as test records run pretty slowly on CodedUI 

Features that make it the best amongst the rest:

- Selenium supports multiple languages including C#, PHP, Ruby, Java etc., hence it enables users to write scripts in various languages. 
- It supports various Operating systems as well, as tests can be performed on Mac, Windows, and Linux. It supports Parallel Testing.
- It helps the engineer to reduce the time of testing as the Selenium Grid supports Parallel Test 
- It also supports a myriad of browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, IE, Mozilla etc. 
- TestNG & JUnit can be integrated with Selenium for creating test reports and managing test cases
- Maven, Jenkins & Docker can also be used with Selenium to attain Continuous Testing
- It also supports cross-browser testing, batch testing, database testing etc. 
- The software is very quick in Test Execution 

This was about the advantages of using Selenium. Selenium has proven its mettle in the testing domain. Its exceptional features and the benefits of using it has made it as popular as it is today. But, we need to understand that Selenium is also a technical product, and it may have its own set of exceptions as well. Now let’s move to the shortcomings. Once you start exploring Selenium to its full potential, you will soon experience Selenium WebDriver limitations. The first step to tackle any solution is to collect full awareness of the problem. And, that is the case with Selenium as well. To be prepared to handle Selenium limitations, it is important to know and understand those limitations in the first place.

Listed below are some common Selenium limitations:

- Supports the only web: The biggest drawback of Selenium is that it only supports Web-based Applications. It restricts the tester from using it only on web-based applications. Thus, it is not possible to perform tests using Selenium on windows based, mobile based or even desktop-based applications.  
- No inbuilt Object Repository: Selenium doesn’t have the feature to maintain the objects/elements in a centralized location as it lacks an inbuilt Object Repository like UFT/QTP. Though, this problem can be tackled by using the Page Object Model.
- Selenium can only be managed by experts: Only highly skilled and expert resources can work on Selenium. The testers should also have in-depth knowledge of the framework architecture. As the software is pretty intricate, therefore, it is necessary to study the software and be well-versed with all the concepts to use it to its full potential.
- Difficult to test image based applications using Selenium: Selenium is a paramount solution for functional web tests but the standard API makes it tough to test image based applications using Selenium. It only permits testing web-based applications with ease. Barcodes and Captcha cannot be read through Selenium as well. 
- No inbuilt reporting feature: Plugins like JUnit and TestNG are required for test reports as report generation feature is not present in the Selenium software. 
- Perfect with only Firefox: Selenium’s operations or interacting with the GUI work wonderfully well in Firefox. However, it doesn’t work that perfectly with other browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. 
- No Intergraded spreadsheet: The tester has to use external spreadsheet or files as Selenium doesn’t have any inbuilt spreadsheet for data-driven testing or parameterization. 
- No interaction with flash elements and java applets: One of the other restrictions of Selenium is that it doesn’t support most of the non-web based applications including Java Applet, .Net Client Server etc. 
- Selenium RC is difficult to be used with cross browsers: If you are using Selenium RC without a web-driver, then it is tough to perform cross-browser tests. It is a little shaky with other browsers. 
- Selenium IDE doesn’t support conditional statements, loops, asserting HTML. 
- Selenium RC was initially seen to have issues with modal dialogs, and now some people have witnessed that the RC tests are not entirely compatible with Selenium 2 via the python driver. Though, it is also correct that not every test has to be completely compatible across browsers. 

Though Selenium has rapidly become a top testing tool for companies across the globe, but it does have its own set of disadvantages and restrictions as well. The requirement of high level of technical competencies, understating of a language, knowledge of programming etc. are some common requirements needed to use this Software.

Plus, the software is required to be associated with any third party software and applications like TestNG for various activities including, reporting, object identification, integrations with other ALM solutions etc.

Though every technological tool has its own pros and cons. The need of the hour is to evolve the software to make it perfect for testing. And, testers should also keep devising new ways to overcome the limitations of the software.

An Infographic on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Selenium Testing by IQ Online Training

What is the future of Selenium and Selenium engineers?

Selenium has already carved a niche in the automated testing field. It is being touted as one of the most preferred testing tools, hence, the future of Selenium and Selenium engineers seem pretty bright. Many companies have already started swapping to Selenium from other testing tools. By using Selenium, they are able to lower down their operative budgets and enjoy a myriad of advantages.

Selenium is a simple yet very efficient testing tool. A tester does not have to cram extensive manuals and scripts to master Selenium, plus it doesn’t require many resources also. The future of testing is certainly in need of something that runs effortlessly, without any glitches.

There are chances of Selenium 4.0 in near future, lets visit an overview video on it:


The popularity and graph of Selenium are growing day by day, and so is the job demand. Engineers or future engineers are more interested in Selenium than other tools because:

- It is a free tool 
- It doesn’t require any specific OS/ browser 
- It supports several languages
- Accessibility of Frameworks
- It has a solid presence in DevOps lifecycle
- Can be integrated with other useful tools
- It has made Parallel testing
- Independent of GUI based systems
- It offers more flexibility when designing test cases
- Selenium testing services are certainly in high demand.

Selenium has a bunch of tools out of which Selenium-Grid enables the user to perform your tests on a plenty of machines together. It has made it very easy to perform numerous tests parallel. Selenium offers more extensibility and flexibility. Also, it enables the user to integrate various other tools to streamline the functions as well. Plus, being an open source tool, it has already attracted a lot of testers towards it. And, its efficient performance is going to attract more and more in the coming years. Therefore, Selenium is presently recognized as one of the best tools for automated testing. And we read the words of experts to the wise for Selenium WebDriver Testers.

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Nobody likes error messages or crashes. All it takes is one little glitch and your customers will be out of your website faster than you think and probably would never return again.

Why is quality assurance important?

With the e-commerce websites abundant, customers easily skip from one website to another without giving much thought. If they encounter any problems while using an e-commerce website, they aren’t going to think twice before ditching it for another.

To increase your conversion rate and thereby your sales, e-commerce companies have to make sure that the website runs as smoothly as possible. This is where quality assurance helps in providing a seamless experience to the users.

It is a common practice to test the website for quality assurance when the service is about to be released the first time. But, due to frequent updates and changes in the user interface, integration of third-party applications, release of new features and a lot more details keep changing constantly. Therefore, it is essential to plan and perform a thorough check whenever a change is introduced and make sure that all the functions run properly.

Quality assurance makes sure that the functionality, usability and the performance of the website come together to give a perfect, effortless experience to the users. While some companies handle it in-house, some opt for specialized third parties for quality assurance.

It isn’t sufficient to just graze over the QA and Software testing. Every time you test, it should be done with the carefulness as the first time it was tested.

What happens when you do not perform QA testing properly?

It may take some extra time to complete the QA test but it is far better when compared to the repercussions if it isn’t tested properly before an update.

Security Breaches

Remember a few years back when millions of PayPal accounts became victim to the middleman injections? The connection between the PayPal customers and the server was intercepted and watched by malicious elements that then used it to gain access to the accounts and PayPal had to spend extra time to identify and rectify this situation.

A security breach does the most damage to a company and it is very difficult to salvage if the situation goes out of hand. Usually, through a security breach, the hackers can gain access to a large number of sensitive data of the customers and sometimes, the company doesn’t realize the breach going on until after it is too late.

More often than not, it leads to the loss of millions of dollars for multinational companies which also have the effect to lower down the market value. That is one of the reasons companies will not be forthcoming in discussing the extent of the attack and even so, they lose valuable customers.

This is why quality assurance has the necessary tools and elements to make sure that there are no loopholes that could facilitate hackers to gain access.

Problems in purchase flow

As much as the user interface plays an important role, the smooth flow from the time the user browses the product to the time they make a payment and finalize the product; it should be an unhindered experience.
Remember the time during Amazon’s Prime Day when the customers weren’t able to process quickly from the cart? It cost Amazon a large number of sales and by the time they rectified the glitch, it had cost them a lot of customers.

The process from placing the products in the cart until the user makes the payment should be fast and effortless. Customers need not be patient with the website and wait for it to load. If they have other options where they could make the same purchase in a much faster time, then do not wait for them to stick around till you resolve the problem.

If the page takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of the users will abandon the website and a 1% delay in page response can decrease your conversions by 7%. Therefore remember that every second count and spending some extra time for quality assurance will go a long way in customer retention and provide the best service possible to the customers.

With functional testing and performance testing, the QA team can identify any glitches and save valuable time and prevent the loss of sales.

The poor performance of the search

When a customer wants to search and find the product they have in mind, the search facility in e-commerce websites must be compatible enough to provide them with the right options. If there are any glitches in the search options or in the filtering, the customer will be frustrated and wouldn’t obviously make a purchase.

The quality assurance team’s function is to identify such problems and facilitate the customers to get the same user experience as the developers intended. Functional testing can catch such glitches in the website and enables better user experience.

Have a comprehensive, structured approach to quality assurance every time you test and you can see a visible difference it makes for your website.

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When it comes to manual software testing, there are a lot of trends in today’s software development world, making it a rat race to achieve certain targets, maintain the certain quality and provide the ideal customer satisfaction, all at once, and all in a time frame that is limited.

This is a change in how the business runs today than it did several years ago. This is mostly because of the technological advances that have happened over the years. One of the technological advances and s new concept is called the Agile Methodology.

This concept is greatly invested in by a number of Product Development companies, and newer ones are more and more interested in it. The IT industries, in particular, have taken a deep interest in the variety of software system and its development, and therefore it is important for companies to invest+ in concepts that will help with delivering the best services.

However, the software system is also a part of the development of the software, and therefore the testing needs to be developed and changed to fit the bill. Agile Testing is a product of such software testing on various software models.

What exactly is Agile Testing?
There are applications that are constantly changing to fit the customer services, with an end goal of keeping the demands of the end user in flow with the market condition present at the moment. It is not a practical solution to go to the standard SDLC Models for help.

This is because the SDLC Models are preferred for usability on certain applications that guarantees stability and are not volatile in nature. In IT industries, the concept of ‘time to market’ is compelling at driving the software creators to create a variety of new ways and strategies.

These are strategies that somehow managed to reduce the time, the pressure and resources to save on cost, create an efficient product and satisfy the customer needs, even if the product has issues and defects of its own upon its initial releases.

In order to follow such a systematic approach to the application developed, a concept called ‘Agile Methodology’ is accepted. This particular method of handling issues helps constantly in changing the landscape and matching customer satisfaction as well as application requirements, all the while maintaining a defined process for a smooth experience.

The process of Agile Methodology is given below:
• Firstly, the customer helps in preparing the business requirements, and the engineers behind it, or the analysts behind it, are the ones reviewing it. In an ideal situation, the testing or the quality assurance team are also particularly involved with the overlooking of these requirements that the customer wants to plan further.

• During the time of designing and the implementations of these designs, the engineering team is the team that writes the user stories. They also take note of all the issues at the various stages of occurrencs.

• The customer reviews are important because it helps the software team to update all the required processes as soon as they find these reviews. The testing team, on the other hand, will tackle the issues and work on them till the results they want to achieve are available with the help of these reviews. This helps in keeping all three of the customer, the engineers and the testers on the same level of information.

• The engineering team usually starts the implementation of the fixed solutions. The team that is testing these solutions will test them. After the team sees that the results were satisfactory, these solutions are deemed worthy enough to be sent to the customers. This is done in a properly documented way so that there are very few redundant issues.

• When the developer of the application uses the codes. It is the job of the testing team to determine if the application that is desired can be built properly with the use of the code provided by testing the code. This helps in identifying how broken the application is and what processes need to be smoothed out early on before it is released to the customers as a full product it itself.

• After the initial release, this testing team continues to identify other issues and report them to help them get fixed. This continues to evolve till the actual satisfactory result is reached.

In order to pull this off successfully, both parties must be aware of what is going on behind the scenes. The customer should be aware of the number of issues that come with the application and the development team should be aware of what they need to do to fix these issues.

When it comes to manual software testing, this method works really well, as manually the teams can catch more issues than just letting a computer handle it. It puts them in the shoes of the customer who use their products and therefore the issues are handled in a better way.

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It is difficult to step in the professional world for a newbie because the worldwide job market has become tough and competitive. It is no exception in India too. IT sector being one of the most potential job sectors in India, freshers often target this sector as their chosen professional field. But in many instances, they fail to achieve a good result in terms of getting hired because recruiters from IT service and software development in India niche find their skills not at par.

It is obvious that a fresh applicant will not have job experience or project management aptitude, but he must have some qualities that recruiters will assess him as a go-getter and a future potential candidate. According to a leading recruitment agency head, a fresher must acquire some specific skill set to get hired by blue-chip software development companies in India.

Communication skill
A fresher is expected to have sound communication skill. This will help him in rendering his job responsibility and in case of any challenge he faces he can communicate to his senior. Besides good learning ability, diligence to perform, and can-do-attitude will work as plus point.

Communication skill should not be judged by speaking ability in English or writing p interesting cover letter. Communication skill means the ability to coordinate with project manager and peers for understanding workflow and coping ability to work pressure and quality parameters.

A good team player

Team player mentality is one of the most wanted skills recruiters want from their prospective employees even from the freshers. This is a unique trait that helps a project manager to complete his project even within a short deadline and multiple facets of complexity. Team player mentality is the attitude of happy collaboration with others.

Good academic background

Good academic background and professional membership are the two points, recruiters check in the resume of a job aspirant. It helps them to guess the level of knowledge the candidate has acquired during his academic learning phase.

Allied project completion certification, professional certification, which is relevant to the job added extra plus point in favor of the candidate.

The ability of fish bone analysis

This is the attitude of learning an issue from its core and with an analytical mind. It is not a yes boss temperament, but this mentality will help a fresher to learn the new things at its best. In IT field new products, new programming, new concept are always introduced. The ability of analysis is a deserving quality in a fresher for a recruiter.

Basic concept of job responsibility

This is not applicable to software development India niche only. This is a worldwide demand for recruiters that job aspirants must have the basic knowledge of job responsibility. If a fresher is applying for the post of the programmer, he should have the basic knowledge of programming.

Confidence for demonstrating the skills

Some companies may ask their applicants to demonstrate their skill by taking a small test. This is applicable for coders, programmers, developers where the recruiters want to test their ability, aptitude, and level of skill set. Job aspirants in IT, therefore, should mention the skills in a resume which they have basic knowledge and they are confident enough to show their command as well as theoretical knowledge.

Allied skills with a potential candidate

Good academic knowledge and ability of learning is not the ultimate quality of a deserving candidate in IT sector in India. Software development companies in Indian mostly work on foreign projects and earn revenue because of their competence and unique learning curve along with exceptional knowledge skill. Therefore, honesty and integrity are the two character traits that attract recruiters’ attention.

However, there is no parameter to judge integrity and honesty of a candidate, so recruiters interact in an introspective way to understand the mentality of the candidate.

These are skill sets and qualities recruits expect from a fresher applying for an IT company advertised the job at entry level. Above all, the profile of the candidate should be promising enough that can cope with the dynamic work environment of Software development Indian companies for mutual growth and flourishment.

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With the ever changing technology trends, Software Companies should always be able to deliver quality solutions based on current market trends. Also, business experts should have right skills to adapt technology trends in the right way. The best way is to hire experts for best Software consultancy services who could work in different IT environments.

Software outsourcing Company optimizes business resources, reduces risks, and offer best solutions to tough business problems. Outsourcing partner not only saves time but gives you most competitive software solutions as needed by your business. They also have specialized management solutions with correct business efficiencies and multiple costs benefits.

Choosing the right outsourcing partner for best Software consultancy services, not only improves efficienciesbut decreases overall project costs too. They are expert in giving flexible business solutions at your terms and conditions. The best part is that most of the outsourcing partners are able to deliver project solutions within committed time frame only.

Here, we will discuss on eight benefits how expert consultancy firm can help you in multiple ways.

- They are able to offer the best business strategy that suits you most.they have the experience of working on the projects same as like yours and they know the strategy which suits to your business only. 
- Business outsourcing is able to reduce staffing requirements or relocation costs. Software consultancy may know the outsourcing company which is the best for you. or they may guide you that which work or project you have to outsource. 
- They are able to high quality business solutions in committed time frame only. because consulting company have already some researched done so they don't have to do it again for your project. So the solution will be there in less time. 
- You don’t have to focus on globalization challenges for most complex business projects. 
- They help in saving your overall costs and gives best management solutions that are cost effective and efficient too.   The cost of research, new experiment, and new employee requirement will be cut down by software Consultancy Company.
- Data backup and storage problems are handled by the business itself. So you don’t have to worry about it which saves your time and energy. 
- If you are running with the short budget then hiring an expert outsourcing firm that suits your corporate needs is always the right choice.  
- You need not design any recovery plan as it is done by hiring experts itself. You have to just describe your overall plan and project.
- You don’t have to hire new IT staff which is quite expensive and time-consuming too. You only have to hire a software company.   It’s alternatively giving the faster return on investment.

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There are many companies available who provide the same services but you have to first know about company review, service, terms and condition and many other things. There are many types of Software Consultancy Company available but you have to select the one which is suitable to you. Availing right consultancy firm is always a challenge that may become worse with the wrong business decision. So, make proper research before you opt for some business solution.