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It is difficult to step in the professional world for a newbie because the worldwide job market has become tough and competitive. It is no exception in India too. IT sector being one of the most potential job sectors in India, freshers often target this sector as their chosen professional field. But in many instances, they fail to achieve a good result in terms of getting hired because recruiters from IT service and software development in India niche find their skills not at par.

It is obvious that a fresh applicant will not have job experience or project management aptitude, but he must have some qualities that recruiters will assess him as a go-getter and a future potential candidate. According to a leading recruitment agency head, a fresher must acquire some specific skill set to get hired by blue-chip software development companies in India.

Communication skill
A fresher is expected to have sound communication skill. This will help him in rendering his job responsibility and in case of any challenge he faces he can communicate to his senior. Besides good learning ability, diligence to perform, and can-do-attitude will work as plus point.

Communication skill should not be judged by speaking ability in English or writing p interesting cover letter. Communication skill means the ability to coordinate with project manager and peers for understanding workflow and coping ability to work pressure and quality parameters.

A good team player

Team player mentality is one of the most wanted skills recruiters want from their prospective employees even from the freshers. This is a unique trait that helps a project manager to complete his project even within a short deadline and multiple facets of complexity. Team player mentality is the attitude of happy collaboration with others.

Good academic background

Good academic background and professional membership are the two points, recruiters check in the resume of a job aspirant. It helps them to guess the level of knowledge the candidate has acquired during his academic learning phase.

Allied project completion certification, professional certification, which is relevant to the job added extra plus point in favor of the candidate.

The ability of fish bone analysis

This is the attitude of learning an issue from its core and with an analytical mind. It is not a yes boss temperament, but this mentality will help a fresher to learn the new things at its best. In IT field new products, new programming, new concept are always introduced. The ability of analysis is a deserving quality in a fresher for a recruiter.

Basic concept of job responsibility

This is not applicable to software development India niche only. This is a worldwide demand for recruiters that job aspirants must have the basic knowledge of job responsibility. If a fresher is applying for the post of the programmer, he should have the basic knowledge of programming.

Confidence for demonstrating the skills

Some companies may ask their applicants to demonstrate their skill by taking a small test. This is applicable for coders, programmers, developers where the recruiters want to test their ability, aptitude, and level of skill set. Job aspirants in IT, therefore, should mention the skills in a resume which they have basic knowledge and they are confident enough to show their command as well as theoretical knowledge.

Allied skills with a potential candidate

Good academic knowledge and ability of learning is not the ultimate quality of a deserving candidate in IT sector in India. Software development companies in Indian mostly work on foreign projects and earn revenue because of their competence and unique learning curve along with exceptional knowledge skill. Therefore, honesty and integrity are the two character traits that attract recruiters’ attention.

However, there is no parameter to judge integrity and honesty of a candidate, so recruiters interact in an introspective way to understand the mentality of the candidate.

These are skill sets and qualities recruits expect from a fresher applying for an IT company advertised the job at entry level. Above all, the profile of the candidate should be promising enough that can cope with the dynamic work environment of Software development Indian companies for mutual growth and flourishment.

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